Why Get Coaching?

From our own experience, progression happens so much faster with some coaching. There’s a lot of opinions, theories and misinformation out there about how to ride a bike. Some of it good, some of it not so good. Coaching cuts through all of that so you know what really works. Having a coach there to give you feedback gives you more confidence to ‘give something a go’.

We use a ‘Skills based’ coaching method (as opposed to ‘manoeuvre based’) which makes learning far more simple and effective. According to our clients, confidence levels jump in just one lesson.

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Tailored Coaching

Want to book a private 1 on 1 or group session, different skill or trail location? Let's have a chat.

What’s On Offer

On Track can provide for one on one coaching all the way up to large groups. You can join one of the upcoming sessions or simply organise a date that suits you. Lessons are generally 2-3 hours depending on numbers and you have a choice of:

  • a customised single lesson designed around a skill or feature you want to improve
  • or a ‘Core Skills’ Course… 3 lessons designed to set you up for long term progression
  • or join a group lesson for a set skill, like ‘jumping’ or ‘finding flow’

Prices (prepaid):

  • 1 on 1 – $250 + GST
  • 2 Riders $250 + GST
  • 3 or more $110 + GST each
  • 8 is max group size

Looking for something tailored? Fill out our tailored coaching form to get started.

Cancellation Policy: please notify us at least 2 hours before your lesson begins if you can’t make it, otherwise we won’t be able to give you a refund.

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