Youth Development

MTB Youth Development Program

On Track has a strong focus on youth development programs that mentor and develop young riders into great ambassadors for the sport. We do this with regular ‘Squad’ coaching sessions during the term for 8-18yo

Then in 2019 we wanted to create a pathway to elite competition for young riders, so On Track teamed up with Humble Bicycle Co to form Humble On Track Racing. HOT Racing is for young riders who want to advance their skills for racing… while having a lot of fun on the way.

Program Aims

The main aim is to have fun… of course. However these are the serious aims behind the fun.

Producing Champions… Not Just Winners

  • Character is more important than results
  • Behaviours outside program have consequences inside the program
  • Humility
  • Self management

Preparing Them For Sponsorship

To be clear, top level ‘Bike Brand’ sponsorship is highly unlikely in WA at this stage… however it’s an aspiration worth aiming for that will make them a better rider, competitor & person.

  • Coach them how to be a ‘good investment’ for a business e.g. social media behaviour, attitudes, engaging with the community etc.
  • Get them to a point where they will progress to high performance training.

Better Riders

  • Skills
  • It’s not just about slapping corners & sending jumps
  • Fitter, stronger riders have more fun
  • Riding for the right reasons
  • Mental resilience
  • Measure, measure, measure

Squad members will be signing an agreement to honour these values.

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